Türkiye’s First EV Battery Assembly Factory to be Completed in 2022

The construction of a battery assembly plant for electric vehicles (EV) was commenced by Ford Otosan, a leading global automotive producer based in Kocaeli province, Türkiye. 

 Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün attended a virtual meeting, where he briefed attendees on the construction process of their new factory. “As Ford Otosan, we are taking our mission of electric car production and investment in our Kocaeli pla​nt one step further with the 'Battery Assembly Factory'. We will be the first fully integrated electric car production facility," acknowledged Yenigün. He expects the construction of the new plant to be concluded in 2022.

 Yenigün further highlighted the fact that Ford Otosan is currently Europe's largest production base, ranking among the biggest investors in Türkiye. Ford Otosan's total investment volume in Türkiye stands at USD 3.08 billion, of which USD 67.5 million was poured into the production of electric cars. 

 On a side note, the EV battery assembly factory of Ford Otosan was granted to benefit from the project-based incentives provided by the Ministry of Industry and Technology on December 4. The fixed investment amount was announced to be TRY 20.5 billion and the due date of the investment is 6 years. Unless the investment is not concluded in the given time, the Ministry will allow the company additionally half of the initial period of time for the project to be finalized. ​​

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