Türkiye Allocates USD 27.4 Billion Public Investments in 2024

​In the 2024 Public Investment Program recently published in the Official Gazette, a comprehensive allocation of USD 27.4 billion has been designated for a total of 3,799 projects managed by diverse public authorities. This marks a notable increase, with the total number of projects rising by 253 over the previous period.

The transportation and communication sector accounts for the lion's share in the 2024 Public Investment Program with 32 percent. Subsequently, other sectors contribute to the allocation, with education at 15 percent, mining at 10 percent, agriculture at 10 percent, healthcare at 9 percent, and energy at 8 percent. The remaining 16 percent is collectively distributed among the manufacturing, tourism, housing, clean water, R&D, and environment sectors, delineating the diverse investment focus areas outlined in the program.

The 2024 Public Investment Program highlights the prominence of the transportation and energy sectors, with the top 10 projects in these domains receiving the highest allocation. The combined funding for these projects, encompassing subway, railway construction, and underground gas storage, amounts to USD 4.05 billion. Notably, this allocation constitutes 14.8 percent of the overall budget designated for all projects outlined in the program.

The initial three projects in the Top 10 list span the mining, energy, and transportation sectors. Leading the list is TPAO's natural gas project, securing the 1st position with an allocation of USD 1.2 billion​. Following closely is the second project, the Ankara-Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar-Uşak-Izmir Railway by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM), holding the second highest allocation at USD 581 million.
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