Türkiye’s Newest Drillship Abdulhamid Han Sets Sail to the Mediterranean

Türkiye sent its newest seventh-generation drillship, Abdulhamid Han, to the Mediterranean Sea to search for oil and natural gas in a ceremony honored by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on August 9.

"The Abdulhamid Han will sail to the Yörükler-1 well, 55 kilometers off coast of Antalya's Gazipaşa," President Erdoğan said in the ceremony held to mark the vessel's maiden mission.

President Erdoğan stated that as the most advanced drillship in the country's fleet, Abdulhamid Han is the symbol of Türkiye's new vision in the field of energy, and added, “We identified our dependence on foreign energy as one of the issues we needed to address immediately while setting our country's goals for 2023 and decided to carry out this process with our own manpower, data infrastructure, and technological tools."

Türkiye has a rare drilling fleet in the world with its ships Fatih, Kanuni, Yavuz, and Abdulhamid Han, President Erdoğan emphasized.

Abdulhamid Han has a maximum operating depth of 3,600 meters, a tower height of 104 meters, and a crew capacity of 200. 

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