Unilever Türkiye to open 8th plant in Central Anatolia

Hurriyet Daily News - Unilever Türkiye is preparing to establish its 8th production facility in Central Anatolia, according to the company’s chief executive officer. The global food, cosmetics and personal hygiene products company registered around a 10 percent growth rate in the Turkish market and expects a similar performance this year.

Speaking to the Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review after the 8th Leaders Summit held in Istanbul on Thursday, Unilever Türkiye CEO Izzet Karaca said innovation is the basis of growth and domestic innovation is crucial. “The construction of our new plant will start this year and the facility will be operational by the end of the next year,” Karaca told the Daily News adding that the exact location is yet to be decided but the region has been confirmed to be Central Anatolia.

“Unilever has shown a significant growth in cosmetics and food sectors. We aim for at least a 10 percent growth in 2011,” said Karaca.
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