US-based Gilead Makes New Investment in Türkiye

​​A biopharmaceutical company based in the U.S., Gilead Sciences took a decision to invest in Türkiye’s Pharmactive to produce HIV and Hepatitis drugs in Türkiye. 

According to a statement released by Gilead Sciences, the investment is expected to reach TRY 350 million, including the machinery and equipment for local manufacturing, capital increase and transfer of know-how as part of the partnership agreement signed between Gilead and Pharmactive back in 2019. 

Gilead has been active in Türkiye since 2007 and the company’s total investments in the country have already surpassed USD 6 million, along with 30 clinical research centers. 

The statement also emphasized, “With this new investment, Türkiye is aimed to transform into a potential pharmaceutical export hub. The partnership will enable Türkiye to manufacture new therapies and will eliminate the need of importing pharmaceuticals worth of USD 250 million until 2024.” 
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