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​​​​​​​3​M has been developing new ideas for over 110 years, transforming these ideas into ingenious products. The company's knack for innovation is evidenced by the over 55,000 products it has introduced over the years. 

On a global scale, 3M consists of five main business groups. These groups are the Consumer Products Group, the Electronics and Energy Group, the Health Care Products Group, the Industrial Products Group and the Safety and Graphic Solutions Groups. The company boasts 26 active sales and marketing divisions under these groups. 3M, with annual sales of more than USD 30 billion and operations in 70 countries, has over 91,000 employees throughout the world. In Türkiye, where 3M has been operating since 1987, the company employs around 500 people.​

​​3M in the world

Headquarters: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Sales: USD 30.1 billion

Number of employees: 91,500

Offices in 70 countries

Non-US sales: 60%

R&D laboratories in 36 countries

3M in Türkiye

Headquarters: Istanbul

Number of employees: 500

Production: Çerkezköy, Çorlu

History of 3M Türkiye

1987: Entrance into the Turkish market

1988: Scotch-Brite™ was introduced to the Turkish market

1992: Production in Türkiye started

2000: Production area moved to Çerkezköy

2001: Production of personal protective hardware products began

2002: Production of industry/filter product groups started

2005: Production of personal care products began

2008: Production of automotive products started

2009: Production of health products commenced

2011: It was among top 1,000 exporters in Türkiye

2012: Super Hub (regional production base) was founded

2013: It ranked among the top 400 exporters in Türkiye.

2015: Çorlu regional production hub went into operation.

2017: 3M Türkiye recognized to be one of the GPTW (Great place to Work) in 2017, also gaining addition recognition with a special award for «Employee Health and Safety»

3M and R&D

Investment in R&D and innovation has been the key to 3M's current success. To stimulate growth, 3M, being aware of the value of R&D, allocates nearly 6 percent of its annual revenue to R&D operations. More than 35 percent of 3M's annual sales are derived from products developed in the last five years. 3M has over 40 Customer Innovation Centers dedicated to performing innovation processes in collaboration with customers. The Customer Innovation Center in Türkiye was commissioned in March 2015. In order to engage with customers, these centers utilize 3M's global power in the field of R&D and 46 technology platforms, constantly innovating to address the needs of customers.

3M Türkiye to be the regional production base with Super Hub​​​

3M celebrated its 30th year in Türkiye in 2017. 3M Türkiye, which already had a production facility on 60,000 square meters of land in Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ broke ground in Çorlu, Tekirdağ for the Super Hub investment in 2012. At the time this was 3M's third Super Hub globally, and the facility became operational in 2015. 3M chose Türkiye for a Super Hub as the country's strategic location provides unfettered access to the Middle Eastern, North African, Russian, and European markets. ​​​