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​​​​​​​​​​Nestlé, one of the most established companies in Türkiye, entered the Turkish market in 1909. After opening its first sales office in Karakoy, Nestlé opened its first chocolate factory in Ferikoy in 1927. In the following years, Nestlé continued to “break new grounds" with the new categories it created within the food industry and to be the pioneer of innovations.

The process, which started with the first infant formula FARINE LACTÉE® in 1875, continued with the first spread chocolate CHOKELLA® in 1968, the first instant coffee NESCAFÉ® in 1984, the first chocolate powder drink NESQUIK® in 1986, the first coffee creamer COFFEE MATE® in 1989 and the first coffee mix NESCAFÉ® 3 in1 in 2001. Nestlé entered the breakfast cereals category in 1998 and continues to be the leader of that market. Nestlé entered the bottled water sector with NESTLÉ® PURE LIFE® in 2001. In 2006, merging with ERIKLI®, the strongest local water brand in the Turkish market, Nestlé Waters became the number one player in the bottled water market, as well. After acquiring Novartis Medical Nutrition Unit in 2007, Nestlé started to operate as a strong player in the field of healthcare nutrition. In addition, following the global acquisition of Wyeth Nutrition in 2012, it started to serve in the infant formula market with SMA, Türkiye's first baby food brand.

Today, Nestlé's operations in Türkiye are based in a total of two factories, including the multi-production site in Karacabey-Bursa and Kestel-Bursa. Nestlé produces 92 percent of the products it sells [in Türkiye] in Türkiye, and offers more than 800 products and around 50 brands in two different categories.

Nestlé has been active in Türkiye for 109 years, employing 3,800 people directly and over 5,000 people indirectly. From its production hub in Türkiye, Nestlé exports to the neighboring countries, particularly to the Middle East and North Africa.​​