​​​​Former CEO - Türkiye, Iran & Central Asia, Unilever

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Today, Unilever Türkiye is a company that has eight factories, employs over 5,000 people, touches thousands of suppliers, and exports millions of dollars' worth of goods per year. Türkiye is one of the priority markets for Unilever. That is why Unilever Global keeps on investing in Türkiye, a key regional hub, to improve the sustainable growth capacity. 

Following our EUR 95 million investment in our Algida ice-cream factory in Konya that began operating in June 2013, we are now investing in the home and personal care category in Konya. With this factory and this investment, we are creating a value of about EUR 350 million along with our future suppliers. [The Konya home and personal care] factory will be one of the five largest manufacturing plants of Unilever worldwide and will be a driver of growth for the next 40-50 years.​​