​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Turkey offers abundant opportunities in a wide variety of sectors where it has a competitive edge.



15th largest manufacturer globally
Annual production: 1.6 million units 
Market: USD 24 billion
Exports: USD 32 billion



Largest TV & white goods producer in Europe 
Market: USD 38 billion 
Exports: USD 25 billion​


Defense spending: USD 19 billion 
Industry: USD 8.7 billion 
Exports: USD 2.2 billion 
Air passengers: 210 million


Market: USD 66 billion 
Growing demand 
Energy hub 
Untapped renewables


Market: USD 80 billion ​
Exports: USD 17 billion 
Exports to around 200 countries


PPP investment: USD 127 billion (2003-2018) 
More opportunities in transportation, energy, healthcare​


Double-digit growth 
Ever-growing Islamic finance 
Istanbul Financial Center

​​Source: TurkStat, Ministry of Industry and Technology, SASAD, OSD, SBB; export values as of 2018, market values as of 2017; defense industry value as of 2018​