“25-30 foreigners visit Türkiye every week to invest”

Gozlem - Can Levent Seckin, Deputy Chairman of Investment Assistance and Promotion Agency of Türkiye under Prime Ministry, and a group of delegates made various contacts in Kirikkale. Noting that the Agency continues its works with a team of 30 people, Can Levent Seckin said that they keep on a comprehensive action in the country and abroad. Pointing out that, as the Agency, they try to encourage the investments to be made in Türkiye, Seckin said: "We tour Türkiye inch by inch and share the information we get with domestic and foreign investors. This is the reason why we are in Kirikkale now. We paid a visit Kirikkale in order to expand our knowledge about its edges and transfer this information to investors - just like we do for all our regions." Mr. Seckin mentioned that they hold meetings with investors to boost the investment potential of Türkiye abroad and assess the applications; and he added: "Every week, 25-30 foreign investors apply to us to invest in Türkiye. We continue our operations on them. Türkiye will become one of the most preferred countries for global investment, because Türkiye has this potential. We have a younger population at a rate of 65 per cent. And we have qualified labour advantage in this population. Our mission is to promote these edges to the world and encourage the investments."