Antalya among global top 3 in superyacht building

Vatan - Türkiye’s Mediterranean province of Antalya, a world-famous vacation destination, is also raising its profile in another income-generating industry: luxury yacht building.

Antalya’s shipyards have commissioned 187 superyachts in 11 years and are slated to build 20 more by the end of 2011, according to the Antalya Free Zone Director General Zeki Gurses. The Antalya Free Zone houses 52 companies in the yacht building business and is one of the leading centers for superyacht building, said Gurses, adding that the yachts built in the zone are sold to customers from a number of countries, including Greece, Italy, the USA and France, all of which have significant yacht building industries. Yachts built in Antalya are worth as much as USD 15 million, Gurses noted.
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