120 Turkish companies to participate in Rhodes Turkish Export Products Fair

Yeni Asir - The third of the Rhodexport Rhodes Turkish Export Products Fair will be held on the Greek island of Rhodes between October 29 and November 1, this year. The number of Turkish companies to be present in the fair has increased to 120 from last year’s 80 companies, and the increased trade volume is a welcome sign of improving ties between Türkiye and Greece, according to fair organizers.

The Mugla Chamber of Industry and Trade’s (MUTSO) President Bulent Karakus, one of the organizers of the fair, stated that Türkiye and Greece have much to share in culture and that the fair has contributed to business deals worth EUR 30 million. Recalling that the Rhodexport Rhodes Turkish Export Products Fair has been taking place for the last three years, Karakus stressed the mutual benefits of cooperation between neighboring Türkiye and Greece.

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