Citi: Future seems bright for Türkiye; it will be among 21st-century giants


Hurriyet - The CEOs of 17 international giants, with over USD 500 billion of annual turnover and 1.6 million employees in total, participated in the Sixth Investment Advisory Council for Türkiye. While innovation and employment were the top issues on the agenda, Citi Corp.’s Vice Chairman Hamid Biglari said, “Türkiye is a rising economy and it has a very bright future. We expect it to become one of the largest economies of the 21st century.” Meanwhile, UPS International President Daniel Brutto emphasized that UPS will continue with its investments in parallel with the improvements seen in the Turkish financial system and added, “We will continue full steam ahead with our investments in Türkiye, as we continue to see an increase in the number and demand of our customers. We create one job for every 35 packets. Moreover, we buy a new truck with the increase in the number of packets.” Brutto said they are also involved in cargo transportation in Türkiye and that they will mostly focus on courier services.

City Corp; UPS; Turkish economy; Hamid Biglari; Daniel Brutto