French Akuo to invest USD 2.2 billion in Turkish wind energy projects


Sabah - France-based Akuo Energy has ordered the wind turbines required for its wind farm in Türkiye’s Central Anatolian province of Kirsehir, thus officially starting up the first stage of a five-year-long investment process worth USD 2.2 billion. German producer REpower will supply the wind turbines for the Geycek Power Plant in Kirsehir, which will become Türkiye’s largest wind energy project to date.


Akuo Energy, which specializes in renewable energy applications, has two companies – Perfect Wind and Al-Yel Energy – operating in Türkiye. Having investments in biomass, biogas, solar, wind and hydro energy fields, the company has been active in Türkiye since 2005. The Geycek Power Plant will generate 148 MW of electricity once it becomes operational in 2011.

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