Babacan: Türkiye will be the fastest-growing economy in the post-crisis era


Dunya - During the last quarter of 2009, the Turkish economy showed initial signs of recovery from the global economic crisis, while the worst of the crisis seems over, said Ali Babacan, Türkiye’s Deputy Prime Minister for Economy.


"Positive preliminary year-end indicators for exports, production and capacity utilization figures have given initial signs of recovery in the Turkish economy, which remained relatively undamaged from the global economic crisis compared to other countries around the world", he said to a group of Turkish tourism investors. He also added that real sector-related figures have shown early signs of recovery from the crisis. All of these figures indicate that Türkiye has again entered a positive growth period, according to Babacan.


Stressing that Türkiye is now projected to become the fastest growing economy in the post-crisis era, Babacan said, "This is a result of Türkiye announcing its exit strategy from the crisis in a timely manner."