DHL: Türkiye is the base for expansion in Europe


Aksam - Global logistics giant DHL has announced that the volume of commercial freight services between Türkiye and South Asia Pacific have surged 300 percent. According to the data by DHL Global Forwarding, the air freights from Thailand to Türkiye have increased more than 100 percent, while the forwarding volume between Türkiye and Singapore increased by an extraordinary 300 percent. In addition, the sea freight volume from Malaysia and Thailand to Türkiye has increased by 110 percent.


During his visit in Türkiye, DHL Global Forwarding South Asia-Pacific CEO Amadou Diallo and DHL Global Forwarding Middle East and Africa CEO Enver Moretti announced that their investments in Türkiye will increase. Moretti said, “We are planning strategic mergers and alliances in order to strengthen our presence in the Turkish market. Also freight lines between Türkiye and Sub-Saharan Africa will take priority as the number of flights to this region is on the rise.” Moretti added that they will enter the Iranian market from Türkiye as well.


Diallo, meanwhile, underlined that DHL Express and DHL Global Forwarding have more than two thousand employees in Türkiye and said, “Türkiye is the base for expansion in Europe. We will establish a fashion centre in Türkiye. The production in textile is shifting to Asian countries. That’s why Türkiye is trying to be the design centre in fashion. With our fashion center, we would like to support the companies in Türkiye operating in this particular field.”