EU's new enlargement official wows progress in Türkiye's membership talks


AA - The European Union's newly appointed commissioner for enlargement has pledged to move Türkiye's accession negotiations forward. "I respect Türkiye's progress in EU reforms which brings the country closer to the Union, and I respect the commitment of Turkish officials for EU membership. I will exert effort to make progress in Türkiye's accession negotiations", said Stefan Fule, who awaits approval from the European Parliament (EP) to officially resume his post, to EP's foreign relations committee in an interview.


The commissioner from the Czech Republic, the country currently holding the rotating EU Presidency, ruled out any form of EU status short of full membership for Türkiye, urging EU members to live up to their promises they had made when they agreed opening accession talks with Türkiye.


"I can imagine an EU that includes Türkiye. Türkiye's membership is of particular concern to EU's credibility. I am confident that the membership of Türkiye will serve in the interests of both sides", said Fule.