Gaziantep to be an “industrial design centre”


Dunya – Türkiye’s southeastern province of Gaziantep is under the spotlight with its successes in industry and regional commerce, and the city is now preparing to be an “industrial design centre” in order to assert itself to the world stage. In the scope of the project prepared by the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce (GTO) and the Gaziantep KOSGEB Business Development Centre, the “Gaziantep Industrial Design and Modeling Centre” (GETAM) is being established.


The project with a EUR 89 million budget is also supported by the EU as part of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Program of Industry and Commerce Ministry. With the Gaziantep Industrial Design and Modeling Centre, a first in Türkiye, the competitiveness of industrialists, the numbers of products and investments in the area will be increased, while more entrepreneurs will involve in industrial design.


Figen Ogut Celikturk, GTO Deputy Secretary General, said there will be no product restrictions in the design centre and added that designs for a variety of products will be made in the centre. Celikturk said, “Any firm will be able to come to the centre and prepare a model for an existing or a new product by itself. The employees of the firm will be able to take advantage of our experts and machines in GETAM. Firms can also apply for developing their products.”