President Erdoğan: Economic Momentum Expected in 2nd Half

​​​​President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan participated via videoconference in the inauguration ceremony of Kars Dam held on June 19th. Speaking at the ceremony, President Erdoğan said that the government expects a great momentum in Türkiye’s economy in the second half of the year. 

“We will re-attain our previous growth rates. We expect great economic momentum in the 2nd half of the year,” said Erdoğan. “We are entering a period where Türkiye's weight will be felt more and more in the global production and supply chain. Our high quality and dynamic human capital, our strategic position, and our strong infrastructure are our greatest advantages for evaluating the opportunities ahead. We are closer than ever before to our goal of making Türkiye among the 10 largest economies in the world.”

The investments made by the government have helped Türkiye to unleash the potential of its water resources, Erdoğan noted. When the Justice and Development (AK) Party came into power in 2002, Türkiye only had 276 dams. Kars Dam has become the 585th dam built by the Turkish government over the past 18 years. 
Image of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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