Türkiye to Become a Center of Attraction with Investments

​​President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended two inauguration ceremonies via videoconference from Vahdettin Mansion on December 12. 

Delivering a speech at the opening ceremony of Gaziantep Düzbağ Drinking Water Distribution Line and Doğanpınar Dam, President Erdoğan reiterated his vision of transforming Türkiye into an attraction center. “We are getting ready to launch reforms to make Türkiye a center of attraction once again, believing that investment, production, exportation and employment are the key factors to realize this aim. Through legal and administrative reforms, we plan to make Türkiye one of the top 10 countries in the new global, political and economic order,” President Erdoğan said. 

On another occasion, President Erdoğan shared insights at the inauguration ceremony of Manisa-Akhisar Beltway, where once again investments were emphasized. Referring to the fact that the amount attracted by Türkiye has reached nearly half of its total public investments simultaneously since 2002, he said, “This amount is surely not enough. If only it were two times, three times, 10 times bigger because every penny investors bring means an additional contribution to achieving development goals.”

“We regard international investments as a highly significant factor for development and growth,” added President Erdoğan. 
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