EIA report no longer a tangle for investors


Sabah - The Turkish government, announcing a new employment program, has started a series of arrangements in order to facilitate investments. Among these, the land allocation process has been simplified in incentivized investments, especially in tourism, to a degree that potential investors will no longer have to wait for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report and tourism investment license.


Through the joint efforts of the Undersecretariat of Treasury, the General Directorate of Incentive Implementations, the Environmental Impact Assessment and Planning General Directorate and the Tourism Investment and Enterprises General Directorate, the suitable areas for investments will be designated without waiting for an investor application. The land belonging to the Treasury will be plotted and will be made available through the automated national real estate system. The process of preparing the Environmental Impact Assessment reports, in which the effects of projects on the environment are determined, will be cut drastically. The decree concerning the arrangements for the investors will enter into effect shortly.

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