Türkiye’s Isbank to up international operations, open branches in Balkans

Yeni Asir - Isbank, one of Türkiye’s leading banks, will expand its international operations with new acquisitions and open a number of branch offices in the Balkan countries, according to the bank’s General Manager Ersin Ozince.


Ozince said Isbank is close to a deal regarding the acquisition of a Russian bank and, as a sign of increased international operations, intends to have branch offices in surrounding countries. “We aim to have branches in the Balkan countries such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and Ukraine”, said Ozince. The Isbank General Manager said their German subsidiary, Is Bankasi GmbH, is currently in the process of expanding to Bulgaria and Romania. “We are also assessing Georgia and awaiting a reply from Azerbaijan with regard to opening a branch”, added Ozince.

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