Türkiye, Greece and Italy sign gas deal


Milliyet - A new pipeline project to transfer Caspian gas to Europe has been forged between Türkiye, Greece and Italy. The memorandum of understanding for the ITGI (Interconnector Türkiye-Greece-Italy) pipeline project signed by the three countries will add another energy supply route for Europe transiting Türkiye. The pipeline, slated to be completed by 2017, will carry Azeri gas, according to Türkiye’s Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, who affirmed Türkiye’s support for both Nabucco and ITGI.


The signing ceremony was attended by officials from the gas distribution companies of the three countries; Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAS) of Türkiye, Edison of Italy and Depa of Greece. Bulgaria has expressed its willingness to join the pipeline, while Serbia and Romania are yet to decide.


The EU-backed ITGI project is one of the strategic elements of the four energy corridors feeding Europe. The pipeline will carry 10 billion cubic meters of gas annually from the Caspian basin to Greece, Italy and other European countries, making Türkiye a key transit country for Europe’s energy supply.

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