Turkish Cargo Raises its Global Market Share

Turkish Cargo, the national flag carrier Turkish Airlines' cargo operations arm, has uplifted its global market share to 5 percent in a laudable achievement scored at a time when numerous other global cargo carriers have been hurt by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Air Cargo World's data for May showed that even though the global airfreight market contracted by 28.5 percent under pressure from the novel coronavirus, Turkish Cargo fared differently. The air cargo carrier was touted for taking charge of one out of every 20 air shipments. 

“In the course of the pandemic with its acute effects on a global scale, the global air cargo market experienced a severe shrinkage, decreasing by 18% in January-May. Turkish Cargo did not see any loss of tonnage on a year-on-year basis, though. It acted as a global bridge, preventing the interruption of the international supply chain," noted the report.

Transporting shipments to over 300 direct and indirect destinations, Turkish Cargo also served as an intermediary between Türkiye and the countries in need of help during the pandemic. From January to June, Turkish Cargo airlifted 21,547 tons of medicine and nearly 7,000 medical equipment.
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