Turkish firm Atalan joins forces with India’s Ranal to produce electric cars


Dunya - Izmir-based Atalan Makine has formed a partnership with India’s Ranal to produce electric-powered cars in Türkiye. Atalan Makine, which is already experienced in the fields of automotive and aerospace industries, provides engineering services for the French automotive group Heuliez with its all-electric vehicle, Friendly.


Atalan Makine’s electric-powered car concept will be showcased next week to the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TUBITAK). The vehicle is designed to be modular, and the buyers will be able to add and remove parts depending on their requirements. The Indian firm Ranal, which provides engineering services to the automotive sector, especially to the USA, China and Russia, is planning to enter the Turkish market with this project.


Commenting on the project, Hakan Atalan, Founder of Atalan Makine, said: “The driver can switch between 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive. If required, the vehicle can be configured to be a passenger car or a light commercial vehicle. A power generator could be added to improve its range. It will be budget-friendly for fields of work which rely on light commercial vehicles. It will be very lightweight since the body will be produced from fiberglass and it will be able to travel at a speed of 70-80 kilometers per hour. The battery will last around five hours. This car will also be very useful for people with disabilities.”