Türkiye's fire safety market attracts major UK players

Turkish Daily News - Türkiye's new fire safety legislation, which came into force in the beginning of January, has motivated several United Kingdom-based fire safety engineering firms to plan expansion into Türkiye. Graham Lowe, U.K. sales manager of Hochiki fire detection firm, told the Turkish Daily News that the new law that tightens the fire safety regulations of new buildings offers notable business opportunities for players in the fire safety equipment industry. Lowe was in Türkiye along with representatives of U.K.-based fire safety engineering firms Tenos and Advanced Electronics last week, researching business opportunities and meeting with industry experts. “We decided to visit Istanbul to assess potential in the market. The new legislation has created notable opportunities for us to start marketing European Union standard fire safety equipment here,” he said. Hochiki Europe is at present one of the major manufacturers of quality fire detectors for commercial and industrial applications, with a production volume of approximately 500,000 detectors and ancillaries a year. The firm plans to double its business in the next five years, said Lowe. Steve Carroll, export sales manager at Advanced Electronics, said the next step of the three firms is to get approval for their fire safety equipment from local authorities. “Our initial target clientele in Türkiye will be government buildings and institutional properties, to whom we will offer a full-service package. Our initial start up investment will be between 500,000 to 1 million euros, which also means new jobs in the sector for locals.”