Korkmaz: "2008 will be foreign investment year"

Gozlem - Türkiye needs to improve its ability to attract both national and foreign investment from around the world presenting its economic stability as 17th country in the world and 6th in Europe. Investment Support and Promotion Agency is working 365 days a year with multilingual, educated and dynamic staff to grab larger and more concrete investments. Agency aims to make Türkiye, one of the most attractive countries for foreign direct investment. With the cooperation and support of the local firms and foundations, the agency renders service to 11 countries such as China, Germany, France, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Russia, UAE, England and USA. Alpaslan Korkmaz, Chairman of Investment Support and Promotion Agency said, "In addition to the promotional campaigns, we provided important information for foreign investors. Now they perceive the present investment environment and look more positively to Türkiye. They are ready to fold their investments in 2008." Korkmaz emphasized the important role of new investments and its contribution to increase employment. "We need more investment to bring new technology and new vision, create higher dynamism in developing economy, build airports, roads, bridges, harbors and dams and strengthen other infrastructure.", he added. Korkmaz revealed their high expectations in 2008 as a result of the ceaseless efforts to explain Türkiye's ability, rapid developing economy and commercial involvements to attract and convince foreign direct investments to come to the country. Identifying Türkiye as a great country, a huge market and major base for trade, Korkmaz said: "We reiterate these aspects, but it is necessary to first believe in Türkiye's capabilities in order to convince others. Türkiye is the 13th most attractive country for foreign direct investment in the world now also 2nd in sheet glass, 7th in iron -steal, 17th in motor vehicle producing and 8th in shipbuilding industry. We show the new picture of Türkiye wherever we go and these facts change thoughts and opinions about Türkiye. We attract their attention to the realities and take actions to convince entrepreneurs to believe in Türkiye."