Italian Costa builds a giant port for cruise ships in Izmir

Hurriyet – Pier Luigi Foschi, President of Italian Costa, the world’s leading cruise ship tourism company, has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ekrem Demirtas, Chairman of Izmir Chamber of Commerce, for the construction of a giant port in the Uckuyular district of Izmir. Demirtas said, “Eight cruise ships will be able to dock at the EUR 75 million harbor at the same time”, while Foschi stated, “The Aegean coasts will see a significant increase in the number of tourists”. Foschi added, “We will attract 400,000 - 420,000 tourists to Türkiye. In addition, we will also boost the number of voyages to the Black Sea. The visitor satisfaction regarding Türkiye has surged to 97 percent”.