PepsiCo: “We will continue taking growth steps in Türkiye”

Hurriyet – Indra Nooyi, Indian Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo which has an annual income more than 39 billion dollars, underlined that Türkiye ranked 10th-12th in PepsiCo system and said, “Türkiye is a very important market and centre for us. We are always open for expanding our business and investments in Türkiye.” PepsiCo International Eastern Mediterranean Business Unit General Manager Umran Beba, on the other hand, said that PepsiCo had invested 500 million dollars in Türkiye so far and emphasized that the investments were continued in 50-million-dollar shares every year. Indra Nooyi said, “We are open for expanding out business and investments in Türkiye in line with the route Umran Beba directed us.”