Mercedes: “It is foolish not to continue making investments in Turkey”

Hurriyet - Daimler Bus Group Chairman and Mercedes-Benz Turk A.S. Administrative Council President Harald Landmann noted that they understood better now how much the decision to make investment in Turkey in 1960s was right and said, “We have invested 500 million Euros to Mercedes-Benz Turk so far. It will be foolish not to continue making investments in Turkey.” Noting that truck factory in Aksaray and bus factory in Hosdere held very important places in terms of the global competitiveness of Mercedes-Benz, Landmann said, “These factories are very important pillars for Daimler. It is very important to make investment in Mercedes-Benz Turk as much as it was important in the past. Recently, we have made additional investment of 150 million Euros in Hosdere factory.” Chairman of Mercedes-Benz Turk Board of Directors Jurgen Ziegler underlined that they had experience of more than 40 years in Turkey, and said, “We have learnt that ups and downs are exceptions, but rules in Turkey. Fluctuations and crises have always existed in Turkey, and will exist in the future, as well. This fact does not pose threat for us.” Administrative Council President Harald Landmann, on the other hand, noted that inflation in Turkey should be cared and said, “Inflation in Turkey should be limited slightly. Value of the money rises. Therefore, lives of our customers become more expensive.”