Leading metal composite maker investing in Türkiye to reach the region

Star – Türkiye’s construction industry, one of the key driving forces of the country’s economic growth and a leading international player with numerous successfully completed projects in surrounding countries, is catching the attention of global brands.

Alubond USA, the leading maker of metal composite panels used for coatings on buildings, has announced a production plant investment of USD 100 million in Türkiye’s industrial town of Corlu in Tekirdag province. To be built by a JV formed by Alubond USA and Türkiye’s Aldom, the facility will supply the regional markets, including countries in Europe, Russia and Central Asia, as well as the growing domestic market.

With an annual production capacity of 12,000,000 square meters of A2 fire-rated composite panels, the plant will serve as a regional production hub for the company while creating 500 jobs.

“The Turkish plant is strategically important for Alubond USA, being in a position that can easily supply a large market stretching from Europe to Russia and from the Caucasus to Iraq. The Turkish plant will be main production facility for the company once completed”, according to Nawab-ul Shaji, Chairman of the Mulk Holdings of UAE, the holder of the worldwide manufacturing and distribution rights of the Illinois-based Alubond USA.

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