Italian renewable energy company Exergy thrives in Türkiye

​Dünya – Attracted by Türkiye’s geothermal energy potential, Italian engineering company Exergy’s investment in a turbine production plant in Izmir has made it the number-one supplier of geothermal power generation equipment in the country.

Exergy’s new production facility manufactures turbines for use in combined-cycle geothermal power generation plants. The company’s turbines are used in more than 60 percent of Türkiye’s operational geothermal power plants.

Speaking of their production operations in Türkiye, Exergy founder and CEO Claudio Spadacini said that the country’s geothermal potential was immense and that Türkiye would continue to be the priority market for Exergy in the foreseeable future.
Exergy sources parts and components from Turkish companies. “Our plant in Izmir has a localization ratio of 60 percent,” he said.

Spadacini also said that Türkiye’s feed-in tariff for renewables favored locally produced equipment. “Energy projects using locally produced turbines benefit from higher rates when selling power to the national grid. That increases the feasibility of the project,” he said.

The Italian company also has a regional service center in Türkiye, which is likely to become an export hub too, according to Exergy’s CEO. “Our focus is on the Turkish market but exporting to other countries from Türkiye can be considered in the future,” he noted.

Türkiye’s installed geothermal capacity exceeded 600 MW as of the end of 2014. With 225 surveyed sites, Türkiye is thought to have a power generation capacity of 2000 MW with heating potential estimated at 31,500 MW.

Image of Geothermal Power Plant
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