Türkiye - US opening a new page on clean energy partnership

AA - Hilmi Guler, the Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, said on Saturday that a new page is opening in Turkish-US relations in regard to renewable energy, energy productivity and implementation of new technologies, thanks to the memorandum of agreement signed between the two countries. Guler and Leocadia Zak, Acting Director of the US Trade and Development Agency, signed a memorandum of agreement on energy productivity, renewable energy and clean coal technologies in Istanbul. Guler said the agreement contains four important items on energy productivity, adding that they will work on energy planning, as well as needs about supply safety. He stressed that this is a joint project of public and private sectors, adding that it will start with the public sector and then members from the private sector will also benefit from it. Zak also said the agreement is important to extend an environmental support to Türkiye's energy infrastructure. Zak added that it will be a preliminary investment for the future projects.