“Generate electricity in your house from solar energy”

Sabah – The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources prepared the road map to be followed for electricity generation from solar energy. Legal arrangement is expected for the rates and the technology to be applied. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources prepared an action plan based on the model, "generate electricity in your house from solar energy; sell the surplus to government” in a bid to overcome an energy bottleneck. Accordingly, legal arrangements will be made for the rates and technology to be adopted, solar energy will be included in license applications following wind energy and a regulation will be prepared for the evaluation of solar energy potential. The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) will announce a deadline for submitting the applications, whereas the Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration (EIE) will deliver its evaluation to EMRA. A solar cell in every house Citizens will be able to place solar cells on top of their houses and generate electricity up to 500 kWh (kilowatt/hour) and sell the surplus to the government, without having to establish a company. Taking into consideration that the average electricity requirement of a house is around 3 kWh, a citizen can meet the needs of four blocks with 40 flats through a single solar cell. Guaranteed incentive duration in Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Greece and Spain for the investments in solar energy varies in a range of 15 - 25 years. Australia, Japan, Israel and the US are the top countries benefiting from solar energy. In Israel, energy equivalent of 300,000 mt of oil is generated through solar energy per annum, whereas Türkiye’s annual solar energy potential is estimated around 380 billion kWh.