Ravago to produce prime grade plastic in Turkey

Posta - Ravago, one of the oldest plastic producers in Europe, will expand its presence in Turkey by investing EUR 16 million in a new production plant. The Belgian company will produce prime grade plastic in Turkey, cutting down the country’s dependency on imports of premium grade plastics, while increasing its exports.

Ravago has been active in the Turkish market for a decade with two front companies, Enplast and Mardav. Enplast specializes in the production and export of petrochemicals, while Mardav sells building insulation materials.

Ravago Turkey’s CEO Mehmet Onur said the company is aiming to grow 30 percent this year and increase its turnover of EUR 400 million to reach EUR 1 billion by 2015. “Ravago will be investing in two new production lines in Turkey. One of them, worth EUR 26 million, involves the production of materials used in 20 different sectors. The other one is tailored for any sector, except food production. We are aiming to introduce prime grade plastic production to Turkey,” he said.
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