IBM to open R&D laboratory in Turkey

Vatan- One of the world’s biggest computer and information technology companies, IBM is planning to open its new and biggest R&D laboratory in Turkey in addition to its 5 labs in various countries. 3 thousand scientists work in each IBM R&D laboratory. The company’s R&D budget is 10 billion dollars for 2008. 5 billion dollars of the budget has been allocated to nanotechnology. After the meeting to be held in April, 1 billion-dollar of this amount is considered to be allocated for the new lab in Turkey which will work on nanotechnology. Having met in New York last week, IBM Board of Directors discussed Turkey. Biennial IBM Global Forum meeting was decided to be held in Istanbul in November, 2008 upon the suggestion of Nick Donofrio, Deputy Chairman of IBM Board of Directors and president of US Education Commission, who is also known as a friend of Turks.