“Türkiye’s roaring economy attracts US investors”

Star - “Türkiye’s strong economic performance and regional influence attract US companies to the country,” said Commercial Counselor to the US Embassy at Ankara, Michael Lally, in an interview with Star daily. Sharing his views on Turkish-US trade relations and future cooperation between the two countries, Lally said that Türkiye’s “roaring” economy attracts US investors to the country.

“Türkiye’s economy has been growing for the past 5-10 years. This has been an important factor that attracts US companies to the country,” said Lally, noting that partnering with a Turkish company is the best way for US companies to achieve success both in Türkiye and the region. Touching upon the Turkish-US Business Council slated to hold its first meeting soon, Lally said that 12 Turkish and 8 US companies will come together to discuss ways of getting business relations further and take advisory decisions for the governments.

Lally also praised Türkiye’s structural reforms that have been taking place in the last decade, saying, “Türkiye’s financial foundations are sound. Well-managed banking system is superbly functioning and able to respond to strong capital requirements. Most important of all, Türkiye invested a great deal in its infrastructure.”
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