Turkish white goods manufacturer thrives in UK market

Sabah - Turkish durable consumer goods manufacturer Beko is enjoying leadership in Britain’s GBP 2.7 billion white goods market. Beko, a Koc Group company, has entered the British market with commercial refrigerator units in 1991. In its 21st year, the company is the market leader in refrigerators, washing machines and cookers, according to the Koc Group’s Durable Consumer Goods Group President Levent Cakiroglu.

“Beko’s revenues in Britain surged 91 percent in 2008-2010 period and our share in the market has reached 16 percent,” said Cakiroglu, adding that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is among their customers.

Cakiroglu explained their success in the British market with high quality and low cost production in Beko’s Eskisehir factory in Türkiye. “We are able to outdo competition in manufacturing costs at Eskisehir plant,” Cakiroglu remarked.

Around 95 percent of Beko products supplied the British market are produced in Türkiye.
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