Türkiye pivotal in Jain Irrigation’s Central Asia-Mideast plans

Hurriyet - Jain Irrigation Systems of India, a global name in irrigation systems and agricultural products, has laid out plans to make Türkiye a center in its regional growth strategy. Producing water-saving irrigation systems in Türkiye’s eastern province of Adana with a USD 20 million investment made in 2009, the company has set its sights for growth in Türkiye and surrounding countries.

“Our Turkish division is slated to become a regional center for over 20 countries in Central Asia and the Middle East,” said Jain Irrigation Systems global CEO Anil Jain about their future plans in Türkiye. “Although geographically and demographically smaller, Türkiye’s remarkable growth outpaces both India and China. We were pleasantly surprised with the advanced level of Türkiye’s agriculture, which helped us grow beyond expectations,” said Jain, adding that the company’s turnover in Türkiye reached USD 10 million in 2010. “We plan to have a 33 percent market share and a turnover of USD 27 million in 2011,” he said.

Having benefitted from the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Türkiye’s (ISPAT) guidance and assistance during the investment process, Jain’s products and services are tailored for a market sizing up to USD 4 billion in volume. Türkiye is the first overseas investment for Jain Irrigation Systems, which has traditionally entered new markets via acquisitions. The company’s future plans for Türkiye involve the production of piping products, solar panels and solar-powered irrigation pumps as well as establishing an R&D base for agricultural research.
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