Türkiye’s railway privatization plans stir foreign interest

Dünya – The plans regarding the opening of Türkiye’s railroads to private sector use before the year’s end brings forth investment opportunities for global companies operating in railroad industry. Private sector entry to the country’s currently state-controlled railroad transportation is expected to attract logistics companies as well as locomotive and railcar manufacturers.

Foreigners such as Deutsche Bahn, Schenker Arkas, and Rail Cargo have expressed interest in doing railroad transportation in Türkiye according to the head of Türkiye’s Railway Transport Association, Ibrahim Oz who added that local firms are also looking into railroad car manufacturing for the coming railroad boom. “Some companies are considering manufacturing in Türkiye while some are considering entering railroad transportation sector via acquisitions. Manufacturing and transportation will grow hand in hand...”, Oz noted.

The draft bill to make available the country’s 11,000 km-long railway to private investors is expected to get through the parliament before the end of the year. Türkiye plans to add some 15,000 km of track to its existing network by 2023.

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