HP to sell 2.4 million “Made in Türkiye” PCs around the world

Star - US-based global IT company Hewlett-Packard (HP) has started producing PCs in its Türkiye plant, primarily aimed at export. Ertug Ayik, an executive from HP Türkiye, said the company will globally market 2.4 million units of PCs produced at its Corlu plant, located in northwestern Türkiye.

“HP has been the market leader in PC sales for eight consecutive years in Türkiye, and is in the lead in the ninth,” said Ayik, evaluating HP Personal Systems Group’s 2010 performance and underlining the competitive nature of the rapidly growing and cost-sensitive IT market’s potential. “The company has met its 2010 goals and sold over 546,000 PCs last year,” he said.
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