Britain to double trade with Türkiye by 2015

Hurriyet - Britain aims to double trade with Türkiye by 2015, according to the British government’s Trade White Paper outlining the country’s trade and investment strategies.

The paper’s chapter on Turkish-British trade emphasizes Türkiye’s EU Customs Union membership and continuous British support for Türkiye’s EU accession process. The paper cites reports forecasting Türkiye as Europe’s second largest economy in 2050, and calls for increased trade between Britain and Türkiye.

“Türkiye’s pro-trade approach and its search for trade deals focusing on the Middle Eastern and Caucasian markets offer significant opportunities. Britain aims to double its trade with Türkiye,” said the paper.

Trade advisor to the Prime Minister of Britain, Leon Brittan, said that the Trade White Paper endorses improving business relations with Türkiye and doubling bilateral trade.
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