NEC willing to participate in Turkey’s Fatih Project

Milliyet - Japanese electronics giant NEC is eager to take part in one of the most ambitious public education projects ever put into action, as company officials told Turkey’s Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Nihat Ergun in Tokyo. The Turkish Minister is on a visit to Japan to hold high-level meetings with the executives and CEOs of the nation’s prominent companies about Turkey’s new incentive system and investment opportunities offered.

“NEC expressed strong interest in the Fatih Project and is considering investing in Turkey for it,” Ergun said, after having met with his Japanese counterpart Hirofumi Hirano and NEC CEO Nobuhiro Endo in the Japanese capital. The home base of some of the world’s most prominent technology companies, Japan has a lot to gain from the Fatih Project. “The Fatih Project can serve as a springboard for technology companies with the potential it creates and also with its ease of portability to other countries. NEC is aware of this potential,” the Minister told the press.

Turkey’s Fatih Project seeks to integrate high-tech education equipment into the country’s public education system, equipping millions of students with tablet PCs and classrooms with electronic boards.
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