German energy companies team up to tap Türkiye’s wind potential

Sabah – Two German energy companies, PNE Wind and STEAG New Energies, have announced the establishment of a JV to develop wind power projects in Türkiye.

Wind farm developer PNE Wind and one of Germany’s largest electricity producers, STEAG, will have equal shares in the new company, which aims to reach an installed capacity of 700 megawatts (MW), almost one quarter of Türkiye’s current wind power generation.

“The aim of this co-operation is to make a joint success of wind farm projects developed by PNE and STEAG in Türkiye,” said PNE Wind’s operations director, Markus Lesser.


STEAG chairman Joachim Rumstadt added: “STEAG has been involved in the Turkish energy market for about 30 years and has also been active in its wind energy sector since 2007. We are active in the Turkish market with a correspondingly high level of experience and can derive joint synergies from this co-operation with PNE Wind.”
STEAG is operating a coal-fired power plant in Iskenderun, on Türkiye’s Mediterranean coast.

With 2956 MW of installed power, Türkiye is among the top 10 wind energy producers in Europe, according to data from the European Wind Energy Association.

The country’s installed capacity of 62,000 MWs as of the end of 2013 is expected to reach 120,000 MWs in 2023, 20,000 MW of which will be generated by wind farms.

Image of Wind Turbine