Yusen Logistics to make Turkey a regional hub

Dünya – One of the world’s leading freight forwarders, Yusen Logistics of Japan, aims for strong growth in Turkey. Having established its Turkish division in 2012, Yusen Logistics’ plans include making use of Turkey’s central location as a regional hub and management center for the surrounding markets.

“Yusen Logistics has full confidence in the Turkish market and intends to consider opportunities to expand our operations here and that includes mergers and acquisitions as well, according to Hakan Meric, Yusen Logistics Turkey’s General Manager.

Despite its short history, Yusen Logistics Turkey has achieved a considerable amount of freight forwarding between Turkey and the Far East, reaching 10,000 TEUs in sea freight during the last year. Eyeing 15,000 TEUs in sea freight this year, the company expects to carry 2,000 tons over land and air routes this year, up from last year’s 1,700 tons.


“Serving the automotive spare parts, textiles, retail, healthcare, mining and chemicals sectors, we mainly cover nations in the Far East; Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam”, Meric said, noting that half the company’s customers were from Japan. “The number of Japanese companies operating in Turkey are expected to rise once the ongoing free trade talks between Turkey and Japan reach a successful conclusion”, stated the head of Yusen Logistics Turkey.

“Turkey’s strategic location makes the country the ideal location for a hub for managing regional markets. Yusen Logistics is planning to open offices in the Middle East, Turkic republics and North Africa which will all be managed from Turkey. The country will be Yusen Logistics’ regional hub over the next 5 years”, he added.

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