Turkish ICT sector reaches USD 27 billion volume in 2010

Hurriyet Daily News - The Turkish Informatics Industry Association, or TÜBİSAD, reveals 2010 growth data about Türkiye’s IT sectors compiled by its official partner, the European Information Technology Observatory. According to the data, Türkiye’s technology sector grew to USD 27.3 billion in 2010 and the communications sector had the largest proportion with 73 percent.

According to data recently released, USD 20 billion of the volume came from the communications sector and USD 7.5 billion from information technologies, or IT. While in 2009 the main driving force for sectoral growth was 3G investments, in 2010 this position was taken over by software and services. TÜBİSAD forecasted that overall market growth in 2011 would be driven by accelerating growth in these two sectors.

According to TÜBİSAD data, the software sector registered 4.1 percent growth in 2010, reaching USD 753 million, and is expected to grow 7.4 percent in 2011.

Experts expect the total growth of the telecommunications sector to be around 5 percent in 2011.
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