Türkiye to issue 3G licenses by the end of April

TurkishPress.com- Türkiye's telecommunications authority plans to issue 3G licenses by the end of April, the head of the organization said last Thursday. Tayfun Acarer, Chairman of Turkish Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK), said licenses will be issued in two or three weeks, or by the end of this month, at the latest. Acarer said the Turkish mobile operators, who offered highest bids to win A, B and C type licenses, may launch 3G services three months later, when the legal period is over. In a tender held in November 2008, Turkcell won the highest frequency 3G license with a winning bid of EUR 358 million. Vodafone secured the second highest frequency 3G license for EUR 250 million, while Avea got the third highest frequency with a bid worth EUR 214 million. The Council of State approved the tender and sent it to BTK. Acarer said the tender may result in the recovery of Turkish telecommunication industry in the global economic crisis. "Building 3G systems and all works related to content will create remarkable number of job opportunities in the industry," he said.