USD 600 million of new investment from BMC

Aksam – Motor vehicle maker BMC will start construction work for the first phase of its testing grounds in the Manisa-Turgutlu Organized Industrial Zone, as a part of a new production line. The lack of testing grounds – an apparent deficiency in the Turkish automotive sector – will be addressed with the new plant scheduled to be completed in two months. BMC’s Turgutlu investment consists of three new plants that will be built on 1,000 decares of land, totaling about USD 600 million. As a result, the company will increase its annual production capacity from the current level of 22,000 units to 40,000 units and will create employment opportunities for a total of 20,000 people including the subsidiary industry. During the new period, BMC will continue manufacturing buses, trucks, light commercial vehicles, as well as military vehicles. According to the recently announced province-based new incentive regime, Manisa is located in the 3rd zone, which has substantially contributed to the commencement of BMC’s Turgutlu investment in the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone. During 2008, BMC’s annual turnover was USD 639 million, while its exports reached USD 123 billion. Meanwhile, the company spent TRY 57 million on its R&D studies.