Railway to be built on third bridge on Bosphorus

AA - Cahit Turan, the Turkish General Director of Highways, has announced plans to build a 2x3 lane of highway and a two-way rail system on the proposed bridge which will be the third one on Bosphorus. Noting that the bridge will be constructed as part of the "3rd Strait Bridge and North Marmara Transit Highway Project", Turhan said they are planning to hold a tender for the project in September at the latest. Turhan said the third bridge will be 1,300 meters long and the connecting highway will extend about 300 kilometers. Meanwhile the total cost of the project is estimated at USD 4 billion. He added that the project is envisioned to be completed within five years. Turhan said the railway on the bridge will also be connected to Marmaray. Marmaray (Marmara Rail) is the name of a project to link the European and Asian districts of Istanbul by a large rail link crossing the Bosphorus strait below sea level.