Essilor makes a fast return to Turkish market

Sabah - French eyewear giant Essilor has been the latest addition to the list of foreign giants that see a growth prospect in Türkiye. Essilor, the world’s largest eyewear producer, has made a fast return to Türkiye after its abandonment in the 2001 crisis. Having decided to reenter the Turkish market due to the current economic crisis in Europe, Essilor will manage the surrounding countries from Türkiye with its new investment.


The French giant returned to Türkiye with its acquisition of a 70 percent stake in Yeda Tora Optik early this year, and concluded a deal with Opak Optik, one of the fastest growing eyewear producers in Türkiye, last month. Opak Optik General Manager and Essilor Türkiye Director Vedat Yilmaz said that Essilor has acquired a 51 percent stake of  the company. Essilor has 43,000 employees worldwide.